About the Product

About the Product

Why Xtreme Liners?

The versatile and durable liners are engineered to create an impenetrable barrier that adheres to almost any surface including steel, aluminum, wood, concrete and fiberglass.

The potential uses are unlimited!

  • The spray on bedliner is impervious to liquid and the seamless, one-piece application prevents debris from permeating your truck bed.
  • Anti-skid resistant surface keeps cargo secure and allows for easy loading and unloading
  • Great insulator and sound proofing qualities
  • Resistant to common chemicals including chlorine, automotive fuels, diesel fuel, paints, salt water, and much more!
  • Permanent bonding seal against water rust and corrosion
  • Add to vehicles resale value
  • Environmentally safe - 100% with no V.O.C.'s or C.E.C.'s